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Welcome to Painted Hill Ranch!

Jeff and Miki Farmer, owners of Painted Hill Ranch, have a dream. Located in beautiful Como, Mississippi, the goal with their breeding program is to breed and train high performance Paint, AQHA, and Arab/Paint horses. Starting with quality registered stock, the breeding program utilitizes Jeff's background in training to develop the young horses into the athletes they are capable of becoming. With a serious breeding program based on the stallion Shot's Painted Ace who was purchased from Paul Scruggs.

Painted Hill Ranch gives careful attention to the feeding, de-worming, vaccination and hoof care of its horses. Each horse is fed according to nutritional requirements based on age and condition, resulting in healthy horses carrying proper weight with shiny coats that come from within. In addition, the regular de-worming, vaccination and farrier work schedules followed add to the overall health and well being of their horses.

You can email Jeff and Miki at